Easy come, Easy Go

So I noted with some amusement my blog stats shot WAY the hell up a few days ago. My best all time was 846 views and that was on a day in April of 2010. I believe it was a post about Fringe that triggered it. This time it was February 12th with 754 views.

Well this time the post that got the attention was about a pediatrician by the name of Michelle Cretella. She’s a homophobic bigot who has both testified in front of legislators and written letters to the editor in the paper, etc. denigrated gay people in Rhode Island.

I think a lot of what propelled it was she was supposed to speak at Providence College (PC). But they rescinded the invitation.

And I noted a lot of the referrals came from shares in PC’s email system. My only tenuous connection to PC by the way is a DJ gig I did for a couple of years back in the mid 1980’s.

But alas, the enhanced stats only lasted a day or two and now we’re back to normal levels. Thanks guys!

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