So I was right: The Anti-Gay laws in Russia were spawned by U.S. Evangelicals

If there’s one sect or strain of Christianity I dislike most it’s Evangelicalism. It’s because Evangelicals try very hard to merge government and religion to the detriment of us all, most specifically the LGBT community. 

So it came as no surprise that i read this. It’s about the World Congress of Families which is most active in none other than Russia. But we can see direct offshoots of this in Uganda and Nigeria too. It’s all Evangelical horse shit being spread around the globe and here at home. 

But the article links U.S. Evangelical organizations like Focus on the Family, the National Organisation for Marriage, the Russian Orthodox church and whole bunch more. They even mention Brian Brown – the head of NOM who has traveled to Russia and given his dog and pony show. 

The article goes on to explain how in Russia they’re saying that marriage and birth rates are WAY down. Of course the bigots won’t step back and take a look at why that’s the case. Perhaps because of economic instability and the fact that Russia is essentially Plutocracy run wild. Has nothing to do with the LGBT community – instead this is just raw animus on display Evangelicals and the Russian Orthodox Church. For example did you know that the Patriarch of the Othodox church gets to vet all legislation that DUMA creates? Yup. 

That’s why the bigots love Russia – church and state are intertwined. I’m so happy the U.S. Constitution despite the efforts of the Evangelical groups here in the U.S. tying their damnedest, that the Constitution here prevents them from getting their bigoted ways. Not that the bigots haven’t tried what with Prop 8, and the various legislative and constitutional bans. And most recently we have religious idiots sponsoring and passing legislation to allow people with a so called “deeply held religious belief” to discriminate against the LGBT community. Case in point is Arizona – the House and Senate have both passed the bill to allow the bigots to claim foul at the sight of any of the LGBT community. I don’t know if Governor Brewer will sign the legislation but if she does I can assure you that the lawsuits will follow and the state of Arizona will look very foolish. 

Regards Arizona we could actually do something to demonstrate our ire. Just don’t buy any product or services that are made or produced in Arizona. We all need to do this, straight or gay. Let’s show our displeasure and starve Arizona of both business and state tax revenue. 

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