And so goes Texas in the question of marriage equality.

Even in some of the reddest states we’re seeing courts knock down same sex marriage bans left and in right. And most of the rulings cite the striking down of Section 3 of the Federal Defense of Marriage act. 

And by and large – people are now bringing claims against state bans into the Federal courts. And not one has been lost by the plaintiffs despite the weak protestations and appeals of the bigots. 

Just the beginning of the decision is fairly fascinating to read. And continue reading on for a mini-synopsis of the twists and turns of the battle for full equality. 

And of course you know the bigots will yammer away about this – they’ll all suffer as Joe My God calls it the Sadz. They can bitch and moan all they want – their arguments have no validity in a court of law. No validity whatsoever. 

2 thoughts on “And so goes Texas in the question of marriage equality.

    1. Oh it will. Even at the appeals level you’re seeing cases like this get affirmed. The legal logic is sound. I read the decision – it does a nice job of calling out why it thinks that the 14th Amendment applies, and it also presents a synopsis of the fight for equality over time.

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