Please read me a story ! MEME


 Here are my own answers.

1. Describe your favorite place to cozy-up with a good book.

Stretched out here on the leather recliner, or in bed I like to read a little bit before I drift off to sleep. 

2. What do you read when you’re on the toilet?

Depends – if it’s a book I’m really into then yes. But otherwise no, get in, wipe, flush, wash hands. 

3. Do you read when taking a bath?

Being that I rarely take a bath but I do shower and reading would be problematic. But with electronics I suppose anything is possible. I’m one step from turning my current XP box into a kitchen computer but then I could waterproof it and make it a Kindle reader in the shower. Hmmm, choices! 

4. If you can, do you read when at the gym?

No I do not. I tend to need music at the gym, when I do go. But then the music is almost always on for me. 

5. Do you still read newspapers and or magazines?

I read Make magazine and QST an amateur radio publication of the American Radio Relay League aka ARRL. I’m

6. What are your favorite genres to read?

Science Fiction, Historical/Political, Technical and believe it or not religious texts. Need to be well armed in that respect. 

7. Do you read one book at a time or can you read several?  I can read a few at a time. But if it’s a real page turner I’ll tend to plow through one. 

8. If you start a book, do you finish it no matter what?

I finish most everything I buy. But there are some – they’re just too badly written or boring that I might not ever finish them. 

9. Did your parents read to you when you were growing up? Yes and no. They taught me how to read and then supplied me with a steady supply of books to read. 

10. Have you read to your kids/nephews/nieces?

Haven’t had a real chance to do so. 

11. How do you feel about reading books vs. using electronic devices? Have your feelings evolved from one or two years ago? 

Paper based books – I’ve got a ton of them ranging technical, Science Fiction, historical/political etc. But my collection on Kindle is getting pretty huge. I like the convenience of being able to read any book at any time either on the PC or phone. And I can see a future in the very near term where paper books will be a thing of the past. 


When was the last time you looked at or read an adult magazine to satisfy yourself? When was the last time you even saw one? 

I cannot honestly remember the last time I looked at one or even saw one. Now as a youth I had quite the collection of magazines and videotapes. But they’ve all been sold off or thrown out. 

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