From the mouths of Bigots: Pastor Robert Jeffress

So it appears Robert Jeffress in response to the judicial ruling in Texas over equal protection under the law said, and I quote:

As an American, I also realize that no nation can survive that condones what God has condemned. And God has condemned homosexuality, just like he does adultery or per-marital sex, as being wrong and, as a nation, we cannot be blessed by God if we’re rejecting God.


Let me break this one down a bit, because Jeffress obviously hasn’t a clue to how tings actually work. And the U.S. has survived just fine with divorce, single parent homes, men shaving their beards, wearing fabrics of two different cloths, people eating shellfish, pork, and all sort of delicious foods. Yet we’re still kicking. And of course the mind of people like Jeffress is childlike in a way. If he really wanted to know the real danger facing us – it’s the plutocracy that runs the U.S. right now.

You have to read the original article. It’s pretty funny by itself. i just had to point out that while Jeffress did in fact touch on the adultery, and (sic) per-marital sex. Yes, that’s IN THE QUOTE above. But I just HAD to mention the fabric, food and shaving. Because that’s in their oh so important Bible too.


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