A Late TMI Thurdsayd, on Friday Instead

TMI Thursday – OHHH!….IT’S SO HARD!

Thanks to Sean of Just A Jeep Guy for another great set of TMI Questions.

1. Which class was the hardest in high school?
Oh just high school – had to be Pre-Cal. 
2. Which is harder – house work or yard work?
House for sure. 
3. Which is the hardest household chore?
The shift the shit game. I hate that. 
4. Which is harder, eating right or exercising?
Exercising. I’m not a gym bunny and the social thing – eh. I’m sort of very picky about the people I socialize with. However in my younger days I was a gym bunny of sorts. Always had the walkman on when doing it. It tended to dissuade people from bothering me. Sort of how today when I’m on any public transit conveyance I’ve got my MotoRokr S9’s on, slinging music from my phone.  
5. Which is harder, waking up early or staying up late?
I can do either. I’m naturally a late night person though. 
6. Do you have a hard time deciding what to wear?
a) The selection of funny, or ironic t-shirts is perfect. 
b) everything here is pretty casual.

7. Which is harder, your ass or your abs? Which would you rather?
Abs for sure. 
8. It is harder to wade slowly into a body of water or to just jump in?
If the water is cold – just jump in and deal with the shock. 
9. How hard is it for you to make decisions?
Pretty easy to see through the bullshit and make a decision for me. 
10. What’s the hardest decision you ever had to make?
The decision to put my first cat, Randy, down. He was 18 years old – in poor health. That was hard. 
Have you ever taken viagra or similar drug when you didn’t need it? Details please.
No need for it at all. 

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