Cosmos: The Religious Zealots chime in

So I had sort of alluded to this in my post on the reboot of Cosmos, hosted by Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Seems the religious morons, true to my experience with them, well they aren’t pleased.

My favorites of the idiot fringe represented on the link above:


Actually I beg to differ. The moon was formed in a cataclysmic event billions of years ago. In fact there are pieces of regolith in State Houses all across the United States. Go and visit yours – we’ve been to the moon, we’ve sent geologists there. We know how it came to be and your God had nothing to do with it.

Next up:


First the nitwit above starts off with a ding against the President. Nothing unusual here – just the normal bigoted, racist fuckwit posting how his Jeebus is going to return. But when. Probably never as he’s as fictitious as God and the gods that preceded.

Now this next one, it just reeks of anti-intellectualism:


I don’t know where to start with that one. That he knows the Big Bang theory and the differences between it and say the Biblical version – which is summed up thusly:

3 thoughts on “Cosmos: The Religious Zealots chime in

  1. I knew as we were watching that the fundies were seething and getting riled. As for the show itself, I thought it was a little disjointed and rambling…not really engaging – could have been done better. Maybe it was the absence of Carl Sagan’s voice that I was reacting to…

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