Something everyone should know about me

So over on Facebook you fall into one of two camps – either you hate me or you love me.

Most recently my SO posted this on Facebook:

It’s about a certain TV personalities colon cancer and how it had metasticized to his brain and was eradicated by gamma knife or Radiosurgery.

So one of the SO’s acquaintances posts the following:

Nate Kwapo God is great!

To which I replied:

God had nothing to do with it, but modern medicine and technology had EVERYTHING to do with it. And radiosurgery dates back to 1949, a full 65 years ago. And all derivative of the Manhattan Project.

And then Nate Kwapo says:

Without God. You would not exist.

My reply – and he hasn’t responded was, point and match:

God had nothing to do with my existence. I am the stuff of the stars and so are you.

That’s the thing about me – I cannot leave comments that attribute modern science and medicine to the agency of a god, any god for that matter.

And as you can see i get informative and playful when that happens. I won’t resort to ad hominem in that case because I figure bury em’ in fact is a better strategy.

And Keyron, my SO, keeps asking why I have to do that. It’s the same reason I cannot resist messing with a nitwit or tea bagger. It’s fun.

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