Pat Robertson goes off the deep end again

So most recently perennial crank Pat Robertson said:

Let me add my two cents if I may.

I’ve watched tons of horror in my lifetime. From SciFi horror to woo type horror and loved it all. Come on, who couldn’t enjoy the 80’s remake of The Fly, or maybe go back to the 1970’s with The Exorcist, all The Omen movies, Carrie, etc. My favorite of course is a tie between The Exorcist with sweet little Regan pulling mamas head toward her crotch comes out with “Lick me!” Plus the projectile vomiting and bed levitation was pretty impressive. And how that demon got killed was pretty cool too – a priest who’d lost his faith – well you have to watch to find out. The other tie is the Omen movies – watching little Damien the Devil grow up.

After all that  I can assure you I am not possessed by demons. I do have a wicked sense of humor though. I mean the real horror is Robertson and his ilk.

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