What I did today

I had a meeting with candidate for Governor of Rhode Island Todd Giroux.

Showed them the power of data – for example was able to extract 18,000 plus email addresses out of the RI Voter Registration Database. And talked to them about the power behind mail merges, etc. Even to the point that Word has built in functionality to burst out the emails from a merge document these days.

Also talked to them about branding of a campaign – and how it can be done fairly inexpensively. He’s definitely the underdog – in past elections he’s gotten maybe 1% of the vote but here’s the thing – that one percent means that in a general election in the state of Rhode Island only 88,200 people voted, out of a total voting population of a few hundred thousand.

I did provide them with a few leads to grow a volunteer organization too. Plus I gave them those 18,000 emails – if only 5% respond positively that’s 900 more potential voters. And the response could be better than that too. We’ll see – as my email address is in the list. Always a good diagnostic test to see if the emails are actually getting out there.

But he wants to do direct mail and I can definitely help him there – crafting personal messages with salutations, first and last name etc. I almost hate to say it but you can do some pretty awesome things with nothing but Microsoft Office.

And I talked about branding – right now they’re using gmail addresses – and that’s ok for personal but if you really want to have it, a site with your campaign name on it and emails that match is much better.

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