TMI Thursday on a Friday: Happy Saint Patricks Day

As always; thanks to Sean at Just A Jeep Guy for another terrific set of TMI Questions


1. Do you have any Irish in you? Would you like some?

Yes indeed – from my mothers side. I can actually trace it back to my great, great grandfather, one Garret O’Neill who was born in 1856. The Italian side only goes back to members in the U.S. I’m sure if I had the cash and went over to Italy and checked I’d probably be able to go back to my great, great, great, greats. But I’m an all American mutt – my ancestry traipses all over Europe. My biggest groups are Irish, Italian, Sardinian and Iberian. 

2. Do you wear green?

Being it’s one of my favorite colors I’d say yes to that. 

3. Green beer is…

Not something I’d care to drink. Beside the point I prefer dark ales. 

4. Irish coffee is…

It’s pretty tasty. 

5. Have you worn a kilt?

Not on your life. 

6. Have you gone to the NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade?

Never have – even though there’s one around here on a regular basis in Boston, Pawtucket, etc. 

7. St. Patrick chased the snakes out of Ireland with a stick. How would you handle snakes?

Capture and breed them. I used to have a nice garden snake collection as a kid. 


I’m 100% Irish. Would you kiss me?

I have a lot more qualifiers before I’d kiss anyone. 

2 thoughts on “TMI Thursday on a Friday: Happy Saint Patricks Day

    1. Well if you’re looking for coloration in beverages the red to the brown works for me.

      My favorite off the shelf is Newcastle Brown Ale. And I like a lot of different red varieties of wine. Granted, I also like a good Chardonnay and a Riesling too.

      Even when it comes to tea – Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry tea – it’s got a cool dark red coloration.

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