The amount of racism is astounding

I’ve seen plenty of instances of it, even called a few people out on it. It’s embedded racism.

Perfect example, tonight I was scanning around the 2m band and it stopped on 146.835MHz the WA1QCA repeater. One guy, W1TEM aka Ron is going on about how to call the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by it’s Fox News insipired moniker Obamacare is racist, and how anything denigrating the President is racist. Then in then next breath calls the President and I quote “A piece of shit”.

So I posted about this on Facebook – the comments were eye opening. I’d never seen so much coded racism in my life. It’s disgusting.

Looking at W1TEM’s page on QRZ I note his former call was KE1FS. I used to be KD1NR. Yeah – the callsigns are sequential. Which means I got my advanced license before he got his.

But he’s 76 years old – I’m 27 years his junior. But once again the embedded or coded racism is astounding. Had a white man been President and passed the PPACA it would be known as the PPACA. Instead it’s widely known as Obamacare thanks to the racist bigots at Fox News.

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