On Weird turns in life

I was thinking today. I’ve turned into a political consultant. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d be doing political work. It came pretty late for me.

But I’d always said I’d rather be king maker. And it’s true. It’s just odd that in my I.T. career couped with experience on another campaign and I end up in a suit and tie advising a gubernatorial candidate. It’s bizarre, but I enjoy it.

Plus I’m a data wiz. That doesn’t hurt. Want to pull all the Democrats in a town who voted last 3, 4, or 5 election cycles? I can do that. I can even, based on the voting pattern tell what party to which  an unaffiliated voter really belongs. You may think you can hide, but you can’t.

Plus I know fundraising – which is odd. But then I’d been to enough political events myself to know how to do it.

It’s definitely a weird turn in life. I also want to be nominated for the Constitutional convention about to take place in Rhode Island. That would be enormously fun.

But then I rememeber – my family has always been political. Even as a kid I knew who the state Rep, Councilor and Senator were. Went to all the political events too – the dinners etc.

My paternal grandfather though – he was the most active. He was a state administrator for a time. And his famous saying “Follow the money” has served true to this day.

But my activity in the political sphere happened through an odd confluence of events. First I was working for the state and second, Charlie Fogarty’s campaign office was right next door to where I lived. Walked in one day and became a part of the campaign, just like that. And here I am, on another Gubernatorial campaign – one in which if we get just a little bit of money, we can trounced the other candidates in the primary.

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