Where once again UPS forgets what logistics are and how to deliver a package

So I ordered a call blocker on Amazon. The vendor decided to ship via UPS. I mean the whole thing weighs .9 pounds. The Postal Service could have delivered it.

So yesterday I get an alert email from UPS My Choice – that they tried to deliver but nobody was there. So I called UPS and ripped them a new one. I really should record my calls with UPS because I’m told I’m pretty assertive with them. They’d make for an amusing listen that’s for sure.

So later yesterday they call me back. Driver is already in. I asked the question, was the package shipped with signature requested? No it was not. So I asked why then did the driver not just leave the package in front of the door. Postal service has no problem doing that. I made sure to mention that to him. He says UPS policy allows drivers discretion in multi-unit dwellings. I live in a two family home. It’s not a big complex and I told the guy this. I told him that I’d heard varying quotations on UPS policy over the years but none that gave the drivers any discretion over whether or not to leave a package. In fact next door to me is a business that gets almost DAILY deliveries and pickups from UPS. So it shouldn’t be so hard for them to deliver a package weighing less then a pound RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

The upshot is I told the guy I don’t care what they do – deliver the package. And that the next time I dealt with the vendor I’d specify US Postal Service.

It’s one thing that this happens on occasion – but every fucking time? Come on UPS – if you really Love Logistics you should be better than that.


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