A Meme I haven’t done buit will now Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Too Close

  1. This song is about a friendship that turned romantic … and it doesn’t end happily. Have you ever crossed that line with a friend? If so, how did it work out? –Friends are friends, not sex or romantic partners. It just doesn’t happen in my world.

  2. When he was a kid, this week’s singer, Alex Clare, listened to his dad’s Stevie Wonder records. When you were in 7th/8th grades, what music were you into?— Earth Wind & Fire, Ohio Players, stuff like that.

  3. “Too Close” has been featured on the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Do you enjoy shows/books/movies about the supernatural?— I think the whole supernatural meme has been done to death.

  4. Some of Alex Clare’s tour dates were sponsored by Bud Light. Do you like beer?–I generally consider most U.S. mass market to be piss water. IPA’s sometimes pass though. And I do have a preference not for beer but ale. My favorites originate in the UK, the first being Newcastle Brown Ale and the other being Smithwick’s Dark Ale. And regards Mr. Clare – if you’re that sold out I really don’t know if I’d want to listen to your music. 

  5. Mr. Clare trained to be a chef, just in case the music thing didn’t work out. Are you a good cook? — I’m a ninja in the kitchen. Seriously, to the point where I can take stock of what is around me and create a dish from it.

  6. Crazy Sam (the mistress of this meme) is forever running out of mayo because she slathers it on her sandwiches. What is currently on your grocery list?— More oatmeal, but other than that we’re all stocked up so no need to hit the market.

  7. Where are you most likely to find spare change — between the sofa cushions, in your jeans as you toss them into the washer, or under the floor mat of your car?–Pocket change gets put in either the jar in the living room, or into one of the payphones with a coin box. Only issue there is because I don’t have a 130VDC power supply (But I do have the parts to build one!) I can’t trip the coin relay – so the coins just clog up th works. I have to open the thing up and tip the coin relay forward and then they drop into the coin box. There’s probably about $50 in there right now.

  8. How did you spend your Friday night — working late, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying a quiet night at home?— Working on Gubernatorial Candidate Todd Giroux’s campaign. But around 5:30PM the booze was brought out and picture if you will, four gay men of varying political orientation.  The conversation was interesting as all hell.

  9. Do you use Pinterest?— I don’t need one more waste of time on the net. Facebook for example serves that purpose.

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