Tristan Emmanuel is a Grade A Wing Nut

You have to watch the video first. That this guy appears to sincerely believe what he’s saying is interesting. But here’s the thing, he KNOWS he is going to take flak for what he’s saying because he turns off commenting on his YouTube videos. I’m doing so here.

First let us go to the act he read – judging by the usage of an  ‘f’ like character  for ‘s’ sounds – it dates to the 16th and 17th centuries when we had a rather troglodyte view of the rights of man. It was written back in the day when a cohesive community was all important, or at least that was the prevailing theory at the time. In fact it was a theory so odious that one Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island wanted no part in it and so exiled himself about 50 miles to the south. Williams is also part of the impetus of separation of church and state with the motto of Rhode Island being ““To hold forth a lively experiment that a most flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained with full liberty in religious liberty”.

It is also by the way how I end up with native American ancestry in my blood. One of my ancestors went native. Probably dates to prior to 1850 or so.

Yep – the yoke of religion is too much to bare for many of us.

Of course Emmanuel goes on to talk about Maher going over the air waves. Um, Maher has his own show on HBO. HBO is delivered via a little thing called fiber or coaxial cable. It doesn’t go over the air per se. It goes over the wire or glass. Shows how stupid and ignorant Emmanuel is that he doesn’t know that little fact. But even worse than the prior, he’s more than likely  PAYING to receive HBO into his home.

Yep, Emmanuel is a clueless clod. But the fact he knows that he’s a clod is telling and explains why he turns off comments on his ludicrous YouTube videos. He can’t stand the heat. And if you can’t stand the heat then get the fuck out of the kitchen!

2 thoughts on “Tristan Emmanuel is a Grade A Wing Nut

  1. I suppose there is ‘no law’ that says if we post anything it is open to comments. On the other hand, it seems cowardly to do so. And it discredits your point if you won’t open it to process. There is a passive-aggressive quality to it which immediately thwarts any hope of me ‘listening’

    1. Well yeah – I also call use of ad hominem in an argument to be an automatic default.

      However – everything I post I allow comments. I can take the fire. People don’t generally know this about me but I was a gleeful participant in the Great Usenet Flame Wars. Even have my asbestos underwear trophy to prove it.

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