Bulk Mail Services that are too touchy

I’m going to ding campaigner.com here. They were the least expensive for what we needed to do – that is get 20,000+ emails out there.

But first we go to send and we’re told the message is non-compliant. They couldn’t tell us WHAT exactly was non-compliant though I have my suspicions.

Now tonight I go and log in and a big message as follows:


I called and talked to Paul at Campaigner. I told him this is the second stumbling block we’ve had with Campaigner and that I’m really starting to reconsider using them. It’d probably be considerably cheaper to just get a business net connection, I’ll throw Qmail on one of the IBM eServer’s I’ve got and we’d be in the bulk mailing business.

I also explained to Paul that most of the complainants were in fact AOL users who as a general rule are the dregs of the net and also very thin skinned. But more interesting, there were a total of sixty six complaints, the vast majority of which came from AOL and a few from Yahoo. There’s a reason I’ve always hated AOL users and this just bears out my dislike of AOL in general.

Bulk emailing even if it is for a political campaign is a pain in the posterior.

2 thoughts on “Bulk Mail Services that are too touchy

  1. Well – it is if you do it through Cox or Campaigner. So I just rolled my own. An Ubuntu server with Postfix on it. Being that it’s only for OUTBOUND it will do the trick.

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