Another option for bulk emailing

So today I lamented that and even ConstantContact weren’t really set up for mass mailings from a list and they both have poor understanding of what constitutes a paid for list. 

One of the options I had suggested at the outset was just get a Cox Business account. But memory from 2006 said a 2mbps VAN was $200. So I called them today – $70 per month for dedicated 30/15 service and $10 for a static IP address. $80 per month. 

That’s the way we’re going. I’m downloading Debian 7.4.0 right now and I’ll burn it to a couple of discs. Then I’ll take one of my IBM e-servers that was destined for the public wifi MESH project and make a Qmail email server out of it. Then we can email away to our hearts content. No bullshit, no stupidity. We’ll have to move our domain over to the new connection and away from Bluehost. But that’s easy enough to do – just change the MX and A records and we’re off and running. 

So the only thing we’re waiting for Cox on is the install. Then I can plug in the server – point all the domains and fuck off email houses – we’re our own email house. 


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