Networking an IBM x306 3386

So I had plugged in my Alpha 802.11 external to the IBM x306 8836. But I realized I needed to have wpasupplicant on it. So I brought it near the router and plugged it in via patch cable. But no IP. Now reading all the IBM documentation it showed that Ethernet 1 was toward top center while Ethernet 2 was below and to the right of it. But this system had a dual Ethernet card in the riser too.

So I plugged into the Ethernet 1 port figuring Linux identified this as eth0. Nothing. No link, dhclient couldn’t connect. So on a whim I took it out of that jack and plugged it into the right most on the riser. There we go. It goes backward. That’s eth0. Grrr.

Finally managed to connect and did upgrades etc. and of course what did I forget to do before I powered the server off? Forgot to install wpasupplicant. Next time.



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