Education and Net Access – stamp out conservatism

I just saw this during the weekend.

So the thought occurred to me – all these militias in the U.S. They’re almost  all against the government, Jews and Black people. Why is it that they cannot connect the dots and see the corporate oligarchy/plutocracy. If they had more than two brain cells among them they’d see who the real targets were, the rich! 

I also note a lot of the militia types – they tend to side Republican even Tea Bagger. 

But I want to share something I learned about the voters in Rhode Island. Yesterday I decided to do the following query, show me all users that supplied email addresses and break it down by party affiliation, Republican or Democrat. 

Here’s the results:

Democrats with Email Addresses: 9496 43%

Republicans with Email Addresses: 2283 10%

Unaffiliated with Email Addresses: 10159 46%

Total with Email Address: 21,938

Extrapolation using percentages against unaffiliated voters

Democrat:  9496+4368 = 13864 63%

Republican: 2283+1016 = 3299 15%

Subtotal: = 17,163 with a difference of 4,775 (22%) true independent extrapolated. 

It’s the extrapolated numbers that are interesting – of the entirety of the database only 3,299 Republicans in RHode Island supplied email addresses. I really should have scraped dates of birth in that mix too. I’ve done similar analyses before and found that those over 65 tend to trend Republican and don’t have net access. 

I think net access makes a huge difference. I can’t quantify it but the fact that you have an email says you have some savvy about things. 

Now wouldn’t it be interesting if we could push net access to EVERYONE in the United States. Everyone. The young, the old and everything in between. Echo chambers like Fox News would have a pretty tough time surviving. And so too the neo-conservatives, tea baggers, Randians and other ilk of the conservative movement. 

2 thoughts on “Education and Net Access – stamp out conservatism

    1. Yeah – I see that people are getting the idea about the rich at last. I recall in my area even the graffiti and taggers had messages that said “Kill the bankers” and “Kill the Rich”.

      Now all we need to do is connect that sentiment into how to do it.

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