Gubernatorial Forum to Discuss Climate Change Today

So this morning I attended the Gubernatorial Forum to Discuss Climate Change. I went with candidate for Governor Todd Giroux. 

Here are my off the cuff comments on the candidates:

I’ll start with Gina Raimondo – don’t see her as Governor. She’s a finance wiz, not a leader. Plus she has the union liability that will tank her in the primary. And she tries to be too emphatic when she speaks. Uses her hands a lot. 

Then there’s Providence Mayor Angel Taveras. He also has a serious union liability. Plus he was a bit soft spoken at the event and I don’t agree with the way he’s managed the City of Providence. Plus there’s the liability that Providence mayors generally don’t get to be Governor. 

And lastly there’s Herbert ‘Clay’ Pell. Obviously trading on the family name and money. I strongly dislike dynastic politics. And he also strikes me as a space shot extraordinaire. A lot of pie in the sky from him. 

And the candidate who I do data and I.T. work – Todd Giroux – mostly on message but we need to smooth that out. I think he’s done enough of who he is, and now he needs to move into what he’ll do as Governor. I took video of his speech and we’ll do a post mortem on it tomorrow. 

And just think – to capture the Democratic nod – it only take 26% of the vote. In a non-Presidential election year. It is completely do-able. 

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