The Sealgate thing in RI

So as you may be aware – one Tara Granahan of WPRO 630AM had it in for candidate Todd Giroux. 

So I called into the show. The exchange went a little something like this:

Me: So Tara, when did you get your law degree?

Tara: I don’t have a law degree. When did you get yours?

Me: I’m asking the questions here. 

Me: And more to the point you are on a show the namesake of which, the Buddy Cianci show – he is a convicted felon. 

At this point they cut me off. They don’t like it when their hypocrisy is shown. I do wish I had recorded it – she called me angry and such. And I’m following that stinker Granahan on twitter now. She’s an obnoxious bitch that’s for damned certain. No wonder they have her subbing in for Cianci. 

I do have to pull the police report – as Granahan keeps saying the seal was dragged which I’m assured is NOT the case. And she’s singling out candidate Todd Giroux – but there was also a RI DEM employee and a Town of Bristol employee who assisted. 

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