Today’s Event

So this morning (Oh gosh – I completely spaced on it too!) I got to go to an even put on by Generation Citizen at the Rhode Island State House. Candidate for Governor Todd Giroux (D) was one of the judges. 

It was funny – the rubric used  was familiar. I’ve seen variations of it doing program reviews. Each of the judges had four projects to judge. 

But one thing that was said by the candidate struck me. He said maybe some of those same kids might serve someday. I shot him down and explained that a high majority of those currently serving either graduated from LaSalle Acadamy I.e. My alma mater or Classical which is a Public Entrance Exam Required School or any of the Saint or Lady of schools. Very very few are public school graduates per se that are in the legislature. 

Kind of sad when you look at it that way but it’s the way the cookie crumbles. There will always be a ruling class and a plebe class. It’s represented in everything we do around here. It’s funny I got educated in the ruling class schools but I much prefer king maker to king. I just realize the amount of shit you have to take as an elected representative. 

And one of the folks from Generation Citizen – look my gaydar is broken but this guy, yeah. Off the scale! He looks a little like someone I went to high school with but he’s too young to be that person though. Maybe the son of a former classmate. 

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