New Phones

So today we both got voicemails saying we should come in and swap out out phones. I’ve been a MetroPCS subscriber for several years now. They were bought by T-Mobile a year or two ago. 

The reason they’re having people upgrade is because they’re switching to T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 4G network. Got two Samsung Exhibits for a total of a tad under the $7 in tax. So now Keyron and I have the same exact phone. That makes it easier to show him where things are. 

The phones are loaded with Android Jelly Bean on them. Big advance. Other features – both forward facing and rear facing cameras. And the rear camera has a flash too.  Plus the rear cam is a 5MP unit. 

The CPU is only 1GHZ but it’s a dual core chip. Yeah, in a phone. I know. It also means the 5.7Wh battery isn’t going to cut it. I’ve already priced out extended battery packs for it. 

The display is a lot sharper on these phones too. 

One interesting thing about the phone – there are zero carrier markings on it. Not a one. The only logos on it are the Samsung logo on front and back. Otherwise nada for Metro or T-Mobile. 

Did have to setup voicemail though – it’s now T-Mobiles voicemail so the commands are all different. Lovely. 

And I have to wonder – when are they going to merge the customer databases between Metro and T-Mobile. I say this because I have a close to $60 credit balance on the T-Mobile side. 

2 thoughts on “New Phones

    1. Back in the day the telephone guys used to call it POTS for Plain Old Telephone Service. Even as far back as the 1960’s Electronic Switching Systems existed that provided things like Call Waiting, Call Forward, Speed Dialing etc. But back then all the intelligence was on the switching side. Now the intelligence is in the device and in the network.

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