The Samsung SGH-T599EAATMB Exhibit

I find myself really liking this phone and the feature set on it.

For example, I tried out the 4 Mobile Hotspot and limited it to my computer. It worked – I was able to bring up Facebook, this blog, etc. Pretty damned awesome.

Got pretty much all my apps installed and arranged.

I did have to shut off all the Facebook sync shit. My contact list exploded. And Facebook doesn’t need to know all that crap.

Oh and it has call blocking built in! And the nice part – you can tell it to block all calls except those on your contact list. Halellujah! I like it.

And another feature I found on this phone – it has hardware tethering built in too. So you can either make it a $G Hot Spot restricted to the devices you specify or you can physically tether to the phone and have it present as a network interface. Sweet.

Another thing I finally solved – when I’d plug the phone into my Ubuntu 12.04-4 machine I could see the folder structure but not the content.

Finally found an app that mounts the phone as a FUSE file system allowing me to see the contents of the phone. It’s called go-mtpfs

And something else on this phone is interesting. Had it hooked up to Sync on a friends Ford Fiesta. Now yesterday was a bit of a storm in RI. And the phone makes this LOUD sound. I look at the phone – it’s a flash flood warning. Too cool!



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