Keyron’s Thoughts: RI Democratic Showcase

So I brought Keyron with me to the RI Democratic Showcase last night. He had some rather interesting things to say about the whole affair.

Regarding Gina Raimondo his impression of her was “She sounds like a stuck up , preppy, teachers pet and ass kisser”

That made me laugh out loud. She’s got to get those emphatic hands under control. And I find out she lives across the street from friends of ours sister. Interesting. 

Now on Clay Pell – I think you’re all pretty sure about my thoughts on Clay. But Keyron had this to say: “He’s a dweeb and a bed wetter, then he needs to be stuffed into a locker with only his inhaler.” Oh an d Pell had mentioned he served in the U.S. Coast Guard in North Carolina. Keyron had worked at the USCG Station in Elizabeth City and wonders if maybe Pell cycled through there. From what Keyron tells me they weren’t the brightest bulbs at that USCG Station. 

Regards the whole event, his thoughts were “It was like a high school rally or assembly.” And that the whole event gave him high school flashbacks. 

You know, when I look at it from his perspective it’s true. Every last bit of it. 

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