Back to Work Again

This time in Cambridge, MA. The odd thing is to drive take one hour and 30 minutes. To take the train the total travel time is one hour and 12 minutes. So it comes down to personal choice – and I’d prefer the train. First off it’s a later train – 7:12AM and not a 6:30AM train. Second of all I can sleep, read, work on the computer etc on the commuter train. 

And if we do cost wise it’s 54 miles. Which would be 108 round trip miles per day. A car that gets say 30MPG highway we’re looking at 3.6 gallons of fuel per day. Multiply times 5 days comes to 18 gallons at $4 per gallon or $72 per week just for fuel, add in about $30 per week for car maintenance, insurance, taxes etc. So $102 times 4.33 weeks in a month $441.66. A pass for MBTA is $314 and gives me access to commuter rail, buses and subways. 

The job entails working with RedHat Enterprise Linux. Which I’m well versed in among many other Linux distros like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and a few other Unix variants in there like SunOS, AIX etc. It’s all pretty much the same. 

It’s a multi year position so that’s good. Plus I’ll gain some experience with AWS etc. 

I’m also up for another job – the hold up on that one is that the partner I need to speak to is burying his father today. That one pays just shy of six figures which the one I’ve no accepted pays a bit over six figures. Yeah, I’m moving into that aspect of my career – Senior Linux Engineer. Never though I’d get to this point. I can recall when I was a Windows only lapdog. But then my first I.T. job was administering a Data General Eclipse MV9600 running AOS/VS II. That was all command line and I loved it. 

And I’ve been exposed to and administered SCO, Yggdrasil etc too. Linux and Unix have been constant threads in my career. 


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