Getting Fingerprinted

A few observations from getting fingerprinted today. The size of the machines has been immensely reduced and not really conducive to capturing good scans. Took quite a number of tries to get my prints. And apparently these scanners pickup radiated heat. 

I’m more familiar with the standard ten-print machines. Those don’t care whether you’re warm or not. 

And I note the app for the scanning seems to be Microsoft Access based. That doesn’t inspire great confidence in me. 

All they’re doing is running the prints against NCIC or National Criminal Information Center.The reality is it’s CJIS or Criminal Justice Information Systems that does the real work. I can recall when I worked at the AG’s office we had to do an export of our criminal database and send it to CJIS for inclusion in the Interstate Identification Index or III. 

So if any Originating agency scans your prints – they submit through AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) which then goes out to CJIS and runs the check to see if you have a record. It’s really quite interesting how it works. 

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