Problem with Baofeng B580T

So I turned on the radio and no reception, no transmission in short nothing. 

Now I have a Nagoya NA-771 antenna – it’s the big whip. I put it on the radio and could hear everything and transmit. So something happened to the stock antenna on the radio. 

I need to figure out how to open the old antenna up. I’m told there’s a solder joint that breaks in the antenna. But here’s the conundrum. I don’t have a vise I can put the antenna into to cut it open. So I’ll try nipping it away with side cutters. 

Or for a few bucks just get a Nagoya NA-701 – it’ a little 8″ whip that improves performance  on the radio. 

Ah but wait – I hav a PanaVise board vise – I can get those arms close enough to hold the antenna firmly. So repair time it is. 

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