Not so fun commutes during my first week at the new job

So I started the new job on the 9th. My very first day the MBTA commuter rail breaks down and we have to wait to be pushed into Boston. Except the train I was on was supposed to be express Mansfield MA to Back Bay. No such luck. I was supposed to be there at 9AM, got there at 10:15AM. Ut si! 

And now today, Friday. I get over to Central Square station in Cambridge and the Red Line train is still there, doors open. So a bunch of us board it. Now the train is pretty packed and there’s no air conditioning running. And then the announcement comes, there’s a medical emergency at Kendall/MIT station. 

I theorize that for the length of time it took – it wasn’t someone throwing a cardiac event. This had to be some moron who decided to inconvenience a few thousand people because they figure the best way to go was contact with the third rail. 25 minutes later we pull into Kendall and it’s like nothing happened. They scrape em’ up quick. 

But I will say this – public transit is much better, especially tracked public transit then driving. My commute time is approximately the same whether I take the train or drive. Where public transit really shines is in cost – much less expensive than driving. Plus you get to sit, or stand as the case may be on the Red Line towards Alewife. But you can still hit facebook on your phone and it’s only about a ten minute ride from Central Square to South Station. 

One thought on “Not so fun commutes during my first week at the new job

  1. Phoenix has an infant rail system that I’ve taken into downtown several times and I love it. No fighting the traffic, looking for a cheap parking space. Just hop on and sit and watch the world go by.

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