A New Dining Experience in Providence

Not a new restaurant per se but new to me. The Red Fez. It’s in downtown Providence sort of sits right across from District Court otherwise known as he Garrahy building. When you enter there is a restaurant on the ground floor, but you can ascend the stairs and you’re immediately greeted by an elks head at the top of the stairs. The place is all done up in red too – the bar is lit up in red, it’s interesting. And there are tables and booths upstairs too. Sort of cool. 

I had the chorico/beef mix burger with cheddar and bacon. It’s all pretty much standard fare but well seasoned and cooked. We all sort of noshed on burgers, fries, mac and cheese, etc.

And one of us got way too drunk to the point of what appeared to be alcohol poisoning and me getting slightly vomited upon in the car. Oops. Luckily I can handle puke. And I had to tell the driver to stop the car – upon which the party who blew the cookies proceeded to have a rather disgusting sounding puke out on the street. 

And this morning that party was barely functional. I had suggested that a liter of water, some pain reliever and caffeine may be in order. Still too early to tell if the party will survive. 

Now to the music in the place. Some of it had a punk sound to it which I liked. Much of it was simple thrashing shit. But not nearly as abhorrent as say techno. 

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