Month: June 2014

Problem with Baofeng B580T

So I turned on the radio and no reception, no transmission in short nothing. 

Now I have a Nagoya NA-771 antenna – it’s the big whip. I put it on the radio and could hear everything and transmit. So something happened to the stock antenna on the radio. 

I need to figure out how to open the old antenna up. I’m told there’s a solder joint that breaks in the antenna. But here’s the conundrum. I don’t have a vise I can put the antenna into to cut it open. So I’ll try nipping it away with side cutters. 

Or for a few bucks just get a Nagoya NA-701 – it’ a little 8″ whip that improves performance  on the radio. 

Ah but wait – I hav a PanaVise board vise – I can get those arms close enough to hold the antenna firmly. So repair time it is. 

A review of the MetroPCS/T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T599N Exhibit Phone

It’s a snappy little beast. Except the phone isn’t such a beast at all. Weighs in at a scant 121g or 4.25oz most of which is the battery pack. 

It runs Android 4.1.2 which is otherwise known as Jelly Bean. I’m pretty happy with that. 

It’s a dual-core processor which makes it pretty snappy. 

One feature is the 4G Wirelss Hot Spot capability. That one saved my bacon this past weekend. 

All in all I like the phone and the price was definitely right. 

Denying water 50 80,000 people is in fact an act of genocide

So once again on facebook a friend has posted this link. I had posted how it’s funny the Israeli’s are doing to the Palestinians exactly what the Germans did to the Jews almost a century ago. 

Put it this way – there’s this little thing called the rule of threes. Three days without water, three weeks without food, etc. Go without and you die.

And let us revisit the actions of the Israeli Defense Force – the atrocities they have committed against the Palestinian people. 

But  Jewish friend of mine called it offensive that I’d compare the actions of the Israelis to the Germans. 

That’s one thing that always bothered me – people who were once persecuted failing to acknowledge when their own people are persecuting someone else. And not for anything, my ancestry among many other things includes Ashkenazi. But in my ledger of misdeed I first posit that human life once we’re born is precious. That what the Israeli people are doing is nearly identical to what the Germans did. The Germans were killing Jews throughout the span from the 1930’s until the defeat in the mid 1940’s. They ghettoized the Jews – and what are the Israelis doing to the Palestinians? They employed starvation, etc. And what are the Israelis doing? 

I’m not sure they won’t resort to gas chambers to be honest. It’s clear that Israel has no interest in a two state solution. It’s also clear there is a desire to exterminate the Palestinians. So who knows where it’ll stop. And to those of my friends who are Jewish, stop already. Admit that what Israel is doing is WRONG.