More rumination on driving

Never fails. The more I drive lately the more I see idiotic on road behavior.

Another favorite of mine is the moron who gets at the head of the left lane and they do UNDER the speed limit. I have this strong resistance to passing on the right but they make me want to do so, cut out in front of them and stop dead. Then when they lay on the horn walk up to the car, break the window and haul the driver out and beat them into a bloody pulp. I mean really, who died and made you boss?

Another one that grinds my gears – overt fear of cops. Look, its a numbers game. Holiday weekend and cops are going to be out.

But having worked with many a cop in my career I found a few things out. For example – from East Greenwich to Newport we say three cars pulled over by State Troopers. Now here’s the thing – they usually go out in groups of four cruisers. So 3/4ths are busy with stops, that means one rover. Not much to fear there. And if you’re going to speed, just remember to keep a slightly faster vehicle ahead of you. That’ll take care of the rover.

Then we’re in Newport and this cop on a bike is on the sidewalk. We’re parked in a spot where technically speaking you’re not supposed to be parked. Cop walks toward the car, my friend is freaking out. I’m just like don’t sweat it. But my friend decides to pull off before the cop gets there. Nothing happened. We find a legitimate parking space a bit further up. As we’re walking back the cop on foot is a bicycle cop and he’s just standing beside his bike on the sidewalk. I gave him a sort of derisive look as we walked by.

Now I’m going to talk about stupid road layout. Going from RI-138 West to Route 1 North is a cluster fuck. Cannot handle the traffic at all. Either they need to extend the exit lane by a few thousand feet, or maybe block off the right lane of Route 1 to fix this.

Once you get through the shit and onto Route 1 to the RI-4 connection is an ugly slog.

But once you’re on RI-4 there’s those two lights you have to go through before you hit highway proper. I say bury the intersections and take the fucking lights out. Traffic would be immensely improved.

2 thoughts on “More rumination on driving

  1. Life will be better when all drivers understand that the passing lane is for passing and not for “going the limit”. Unless your car has flashing lights, it’s not your job to enforce the speed limit. MOVE OVER.

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