Kids: Today on the Red Line

So today I’m on the MBTA Red Line from Central Square in Cambridge to South Station in Boston.

A family of four, mom and dad and two cute little blond headed boys, likely twins.

The kids were cute and inquisitive as all hell, and the dad wasn’t putting them down, instead he was explaining to the boys what they were seeing as we crossed the Charles river into Boston. For a moment I had this “Aww, how cute.” thought which immediately turned to “Children of the Corn!”

Yeah, sometimes I think it’d be good to have kids but then the neo-cortex kicks in and says “You’ve seen what kids did to friends of yours. The premature aging, the death come way too soon, etc. Do you really want to go through that?”

The answer comes back no, I don’t want to go through that nor have I ever wanted to do so. In fact the family name will die with me and I’m fine with that.

But my life is way too complex to include kids in the mix. Sorry – I enjoy my freedom to hit the geek meetings etc. Or to putz around on the computer with the most demanding thing being the cat who wants attention.

But I keep hearing from people that I’d be a good father. I’d prefer not to find out. Because one thing I do know is that I’m way too permissive. Meanwhile my partner in crime is the strict one. That would cause some friction I’m sure.

But we do have a nephew that I can spoil to some degree. And if the spoiling includes annoying his bitch of a mother all the better.

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