Why National Grid and all other power and natural gas providers are doomed

The price of solar keeps going down. That’s point number one.

The other thing is, people have ZERO incentive to sell power back to the incumbent provider.

What this means is that those with the means will tell the incumbent providers to go get fucked.

And this will mean declining revenue, loss of stockholder confidence and the ultimate doom of companies like National Grid, N-Star and all the other blood sucking pigs.

I can’t say I’ll be sad to see them go. They’ve been raping and pillaging for decades now and it’s only just that they’ll go the way of the dinosaur in my lifetime. They had their chance – but they decided to be dicks about it.

Here’s the thing. The reason I hate National Grid for example is because I’ve seen their costing data. They are FUCKING us with electric and natural gas rates. Plus they occasionally hike the distribution charges but yet aerial cable never gets replaced, and it’s pulling teeth to make them lay new PVC gas line.

This is the problem with having our utilities owned by public share. Were they all government entities a la the Tennessee Valley Authority there’s no profit motive per se. All the money pays ACTUAL cost not inflated cost.

So this is why when people can they will tell incumbent providers like National Grid to take a hike, go get fucked, etc.

And while I’m on the subject – pretty much every day I see a National Grid truck in Sharon, MA picking someone up from the train. We ratepayers are paying for the fuel and mileage so that National Grid employee can pickup their loved one. Not on my fucking dime asshole!

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