I feel an apology is in order

This blog used to be about fun stuff – you know, stuff like criticizing the church, advocating for marriage equality and gay rights in general. 

But the fight has sort of gone out for me. Rhode Island got marriage equality over a year ago. And the fight is now playing out in many states at the federal judiciary level. I put forth that there is now more than enough precedence for this to come before the U.S. Supreme Court again and this time they won’t be able to punt. That would mean equality throughout the U.S. even the recalcitrant south. 

But if you note it’s become more techie or geeky lately. If only because I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Things like learning C#, BASH scripting, some javascript and java in there. And so a lot of what I’m either learning or refreshing on gets reflected here. 


My apologies. 


One thought on “I feel an apology is in order

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