Sharing one keyboard and mouse with multiple Windows machines

Now I’ve long known that you could get Windows and Linux to share a keyboard and mouse using an application called Synergy.  And looking at their web site apparently they share between Windows, Linux and Windows. Coolness. 

What brought this up was a co-worker who wanted to share one keyboard and mouse for his personal machine and work machine. I told him about the above. 

So I did a bit of googling and found out Microsoft’s Garage has a product called Mouse Without Borders. Interesting name. 

So you see there are now options to sharing one keyboard and mouse with multiple computers. 

Both applications are essentially  IP based KVM (Keyboard Video and Mouse) with enhancements. 

And of course my co-worker brought up the fact that we’re nailed to a corporate VPN. That’s when I had to introduce him to the ‘route print’ and ‘route add’ commands in a command prompt. 

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