How to spot I.T. people in the wild

Be they developers or systems I.T. folks we’re pretty easy to spot in the wilds. 

We tend to favor khakis and polo shirts. The more systems we tend to favor jeans and t-shirts which makes us somewhat harder to spot. 

But the dead giveaway – the full backpack. Yup. That and there’s usually an HID tag and an RSA token hanging off their belt. 

Me – I go a little of each. Khaki’s, sneakers, polo shirt, but the badges and RSA tokens are safe in the backpack until I get to the office. And on Fridays I go casual – jeans of course. And sometimes a t-shirt. I’m waiting to get my t-shirt that on the front says “Information Science” and on the back says “Because they didn’t offer bad ass motherf___r as a degree.” That’ll be fun to wear. 



One thought on “How to spot I.T. people in the wild

  1. If you are my son and friends another friend takes your picture, with your back to the beautiful lake, and your face looking down at your smart phone.

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