Three years on Zipcar

So inertia I guess. Zipcar is way too convenient for me. 

And I’ve driven all sorts of cars from them. My favorite among all is a BMW X3. That is one sweet vehicle. It has two modes – Eco and Sport. Eco is let’s just say awesome but sport – oh my. All you have to do is touch the accelerator pedal and the car takes off like a rocket. 

I’ve gotten to drive two generations of Toyota Prius. The latest is in a word really interesting. It’s one of the more refined hybrid vehicles on the market. 

And I note the 4th generation of the Prius gets a lot more right. For example, you can select from four different modes, Eco, Speed, Electric only, and just gasoline only. That’s nice. And I note even if i was on the highway there’s a sweet spot around 70MPH where to keep the car at speed it only uses the electric motor. 

I’ve also driven a Mazda 3, Nissan Frontier pickup, Honda Insight, But like I said, my two favorites are the BMW and the Toyota. 

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