Month: July 2014

Anti-Abortion Protests get bold in Boston

So it has begun. 

But I have to say this. Every photo I’ve seen of anti-abortion protesters, in every single one the folks are in their 70’s and 80’s and then the ones who aren’t are people that nobody would want to fuck in the first place. 

And based on those “sincerely” held religious beliefs – my belief as an atheist is that feeding Christians to lions is perfectly acceptable. 

I mean really – where did the majority on the decision get off saying you could discriminate against women and their reproductive health? 

But there is hope – you see Justice Scalia isn’t a young man. He dies in the next year or so and we get to tilt the court to the more liberal side. But until that time – kick a religious bigot in the shins. It’s your right under your “sincere” beliefs.