Goodbye Radio Shack

Sad news for Radio Shack. Oh I’ll likely swoop in and buy the parts section that still remains in my local stores. But beyond that I haven’t been in a Radio Shack in years. 

I think it came back a while ago – when they’d constantly hawk batteries, or want your phone number, address, etc for a simple cash sale. I used to say when they asked “C-A-S-H

They had the heyday – when they introduced the TRS-80 Model I for example – and they continued that line for a while. But then they had the Tandy 1000 series – PC Clones and they just couldn’t keep with that. 

Then of course there’s the parts – that section of the stores dwindled to the point where you now can get bags of ten or more of a component on Amazon for a dollar. 

They essentially made a bad move. They could have embraced the maker movement, their roots, the Tandy part was a leather craft place. In fact the the TRS part of TRS-80 stood for Tandy Radio Shack. 

But in this new world where the innovation on the net has killed yet another retail chain I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. I will swoop in and buy liquidation items. That’s about the extent. 

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Radio Shack

    1. I remember back in the day we had Lafayette Electronics too. That went the way of the dinosaur before my young geek self got to know them.

      Then of course there’s A&J Supply near me – they’re closing up shop too. Sparkfun, MPJA and Amazon killed that off.

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