Trying to reach Newport

So I took a ride down to Newport. All the ITS display boards warned there was an accident on the Pell bridge. 

Put it this way, the 40MPH speed limit on that bridge is a joke. As are the narrow yellow markers down the middle of the bridge. 

So about 1,000 feet from the toll station we’re stuck. The side bound toward Newport is wall to wall cars. People are putting on the old emergency brake and setting the cars in park and getting out for a stretch. We do see a blue SUV with flashing lights and a meat wagon (aka rescue truck) with lights flashing and sirens blaring go by. So whoever it was, they scraped them out alive. 

In front of me is a black Toyota RAV4 with MA plates on it. I start looking at those yellow uprights and think to myself, “Hey, this FIesta is narrow enough it’d fit right through.”. 

I see the reverse lights on the RAV4 light up. Then back to brake lights. The woman gets out and admonishes me that they’re not going to hit the Fiesta, they’re just trying to get out. I responded that i had the exact same thought. 

So right after them I made the U turn and went back the other way. 

Hopefully it will be all cleared up by the time I have to head down there again. 



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