Pretty Good Bluetooth Headphones Inland Pro HT

First lets get the terms straight. Headphones are over the ear, earphones are in the ear. You get the idea now. 

Of the headphones there are those that cup the ear, those that sit on the ear. In earphones there are those that hang or plug into the ear canal. 

So we’re talking headphones that sit on the ear. The ones we’re looking at today are the Inland Pro HT’s. You can get them on Newegg for about $40 now. 

Very easy to setup, Use the included USB cable to charge – you’ll see the LED on the side of the unit glow red. When the charge is complete the LED changes color to blue which indicates a full charge. 

When they’re charged, remove them from the USB cable and turn them on by holding down the button on the right side until the LED alternates between red and blue. Then turn on Bluetooth on your device and look for BH-ProHT. You’re connected!

Works on Android phones perfectly. Even has a mic in the unit so you can use it for phone calls. 



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