The Murder of Michael Brown

I chose the title o f this post because it is clear to me that Michael Brown was MURDERED by Ferguson Missouri Police officer Darren Wilson. 

And now of course we’re hearing that Brown may or may not have stolen a $1 pack of Cigarillos from a convenience store several blocks away from the shooting site. 

My friends, do recall the police actually said that Brown had NO CRIMINAL RECORD. And that Officer Wilson did NOT know of the strong-arm robbery at the store. 

It is clear that the police are in damage control mode. And the first tactic of damage control is to paint the victim of having deserved killing. 

So the value of Michael Brown’s life was $1 by that logic. 

A whole lot of unarmed black men have been killed by police all over the past few decades by police and the police suffer no consequences for doing so. But in the case of Ferguson, I think we’re seeing the curtain being drawn back on police policies and tactics. 

Does the petty theft of a $1 item require as a response the police killing of yet another black man? It does not. The police officer used EXCESSIVE force resulting in the death of Michael Brown. 

This particularly sticks in my craw because my SO is black, and so too my nephew. I wouldn’t want to see either of them gunned down by police for flimsy reasons or any reason at all. And having worked in law enforcement myself, it irks me even more to see the police falling to standard tactics to try to paint the victim as heaving deserved execution. 

Policing in the U.S. has to change. It’s a different world out there but the pigs haven’t gotten the message. Part of it is the use of Compstat in NY which has now spread to virtually every department out there. Compstat wasn’t designed to decrease crime, it was designed to measure the effectiveness of police practice. But instead – in every place it’s been implemented it’s been used to put down the black and brown populations. 

In other words – there’s no other reason than a perverted use of statistics behind a lot of the ludicrous behavior by white cops. 

Hell, even here in Providence a number of years ago we had a black Police officer gunned down by two white police officers. That was a hornets nest – you can just imagine because it was police on police. Of course the cop who was killed did some stupid things too, like not holding out the badge and identifying as police, holding a gun in gangster pose, etc. It resulted in one dead cop, and two cops who’ll never patrol again. 

But it had racism at it’s core. At the time of the shooting of that cop the department had close to 600 sworn officers. Pretty hard to know everyone when you get past 175 or so. So those cops saw the black cop as being a gangster and bang, you’re dead. 



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