Once you join a political campaign

It’s not something you can cleanly walk away from. As you might have gleaned from this web site until I found a full time job I had been doing the I.T. work for a political campaign. 

Even got them setup on mail services, web services etc. But then I got a full time gig and had to leave. 

Except you can’t break away cleanly. They know I’m capable. 

So tonight the emergency was that they printed 5,000 flyers for the campaign. And multiple people proof-read the flyer. And I have experience with this type of thing – as I know sitting in the sub basement of the Rhode Island State House are a few thousand flyers for go to vote with the wrong 800 number on them. 

But in the case before me – they screwed up the web site address. They didn’t know about it until someone alerted them to it. That’s when I get a text message asking if I can help. Yes in fact I can. 

Now the normal web site for the campaign is girouxforgovernor2014.com which just points to a Google Sites page. But the flyers just had girouxforgovernor.com on them. Oops. One proof reading tip, read it backwards. You’ll spot the errors like that. 

Anyhow I went GoDaddy and plunked $12 down as fortuitously the domain girouxforgovernor.com was actually available. It’s all registered to me and forwarded to the girouxforgovernor2014.com site. 

The campaign got really lucky on this one. But I’m glad I could help with a minimum of fuss and muss. 

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