Crap – dead hard drive on my personal machine and how I love Bluehost.

So I went to use my personal machine and it was powered off. Strange – I hit the power button and get the message no disk found. I gotta download Ubuntu on a USB stick and boot it, I bet the MBR got hosed and if that’s the case I can recover data from it. The drive was after all 3 to 4 years old which is the outer edge of the safe zone for it. Plus being run 24×7 for a couple months and never being put into sleep or hibernate probably did it. But that got me to thinking.

SSD drives are getting less expensive. I can get a 250GB for a tad under $200. I may just go that route. The speed increase would be nice but I realize I’m limited by the speed of the SATA bus on the machine. But still a fuck load faster than a mechanical head seeking across a metalized platter.

Plus I’ve got the work laptop I’m using right now. So there’s no great urgency. And thanks to Google Chrome all my bookmarks etc. are preserved.

The one fly in the ointment – I went to ship a package on USPS. And of course I do so infrequently enough that I blew the password. So I clicked the recover password link and used my business email. Except I couldn’t get to my business email because, you guessed it I forgot the password to Bluehost.

Now this was early on a Saturday morning, approximately 07:00 hours eastern daylight time. So I called Bluehost, was connected to a human being almost immediately explained the situation and withing five minutes I was using their webmail product. Perfect! Got the password recover link from USPS and was in business.

Now even though Bluehost has it’s limitations, particularly if you’re going to do bulk emailing it’s still a damned fine hosting provider. I recommend them without reservation. If you’re looking for a place to host a web site, some email accounts, a database server, etc. then give them a visit.

And I should mention I’ve used Bluehost for campaign email accounts, and a whole bunch more.

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