Footwear Choices

So I’m pretty basic when it comes to footwear. Sneakers or hiking boots for winter. And more to the point Reeboks and Timberlands.

I cannot do regular shoes. They tear the shit out of my feet. But sneakers and hiking boots work for me. The sneakers tend to be more flexible but the pair I have now and the ones I plan to buy aren’t good for wet conditions per se. And we’ll be upon Winter sooner than later so waterproof Timberland hikers do the trick.

And that’s the other thing – I can get away with those footwear choices because of the field I’m in, namely Senior Linux Engineering. In fact through my entire 20+ years in the I.T. field in general the dress code has been pretty lax. Usually jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. I take my comfort seriously.

This extends into the shoes too – my feet really dig Reebok sneakers and Timberland boots. I can’t explain it, they just do.

Now If I could only get Reebok to ship via USPS I’d be a thoroughly happy camper.

2 thoughts on “Footwear Choices

    1. Yeah – only this time I’m buying the same sneaks in two colors, plus some high tops which I love. Then I’ll get the Tim boots in black and brown. Just to spread the wear evenly. You see I walk about 936 miles per year on roadways and sidewalks. So I gotta have multiples.

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