Uggh – it’s getting darker and cooler

I hate this shit – you can have the cooler weather and darkness. After close to half a century of it I’m done. I want the fuck out of northeast.

Right now I work in Cambridge, MA. They do seem to have their shit together vis a vis public works and care and feeding of deciduous trees and plants. So I’m guessing I’m not going too far out on a limb to suppose that they’ll have nice cleared sidewalks when the time comes when the snow starts.

I am hopeful though – it’s been a relatively dry summer so I’m thinking we may be in for a snow free winter in the northeast.

After all I did get the sidewalk snow removal statute in Providence, RI enhanced quite a bit. I got tired of property owners either feigning ignorance or flaunting the weaker statute. So now you don’t clear your sidewalks there are escalating levels the worst of which is a lien against your property by the city. So of course it’ll be a light snow winter.

Plus I’ve got my city councilor all trained now – two things I suggested, one of which I know is in place, the other we’ll see. The leaves haven’t fallen off the trees yet but I see they haven’t mucked out the storm drains yet so I’m hopeful. But at the very least the sidewalks on the overpasses of I-95 in the ward – they get cleared of snow by the city now.

I do my part to help make it a little less half assed where I can.

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