Yet another week where the MBTA Commuter has lead in it’s ass

So this past week  was interesting. The train coming into Providence has been consistently late by a few minutes. Ok that I can almost accept.

But then it’s equipment problems – for two days in a row. Same problem, same train. This time I got off the train at Back Bay, hopped on the Orange Line toward Oak Grove, got off at Downtown Crossing and then hopped on the Red Line toward Central Square, my stop. It’s good to know that the both the Orange and Green lines intercept the Red Line, one at Downtown Crossing, the other at Park Street. So in essence from Back Bay you either come up, then down again to the Orange line, or you exit the building, walk down to Copley and get on the Green Line.

Still it’s annoying. I’m almost ready to spend $378 for an Amtrak pass and just buy the $70 subway pass from MBTA. At least the Red Line for all it’s faults, namely the 015 and 016 series cars that are rickety buckets, it runs ON TIME.

But the MBTA has to maintain it’s commuter trains a little better. In fact if they really want to serve the Providence Line it’s time to consider electric power cars versus the diesel hybrid engines they use. Of course it will require buying whole new train sets too. But the last time the MBTA bought new passenger cars for the Providence Line was in 2005. You can tell – if you head toward the front of the car and look up and to your left the manufacture plate is RIGHT THERE. It lists the locations the car was manufactured, the year and the serial number of the car. There are still some cars from the late 1980’s on the line.

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