For the most part

People are stupid. I mean really stupid.

For example on my commute home part of my route takes me through Providence Place Mall, then across the sky-bridge to the Westin and then out from there to the Convention Center which is currently a bus hub.

It never fails, invariably I tend to keep right. It must be the driver in me. But when you get to the doors at the Westin end of the sky-bridge – there are always dolts coming in on the RIGHT side.

And today I was in a hurry to get to a certain destination. So when the door clotted up on the right I loudly said “Are people that fucking stupid?”

As I’ve said before when I get inconvenienced the mouth starts. But it’s little things like this that pull back the curtain on humanity and it isn’t a pretty picture. A vast majority are simply dolts plain and simple. And many of them are dolts that vote. You see where I’m going here don’t you?

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